Aviation Training Dashboard

New Way to Track Student Training

The Aviation Training Dashboard is a new way to track a student’s progress through a training program.  Whether it is a Private Pilot or Instrument course, the Training Dashboard makes tracking the skills required simple and easy.

You can even create your own custom training program or use this dashboard to track any progress you want. Continue reading Aviation Training Dashboard

Changing How CFI’s Log Student Flights

Pilot Partner CFI Dashboard

Spring of 2016, Pilot Partner release the new CFI Dashboard as a tool integrated into the Electronic Pilot Logbook App.   This allows a Certified Flight Instructor the ability to link their eLogbook to their student’s eLogbook.   Seems simple enough, but what does this actually do for the student and the instructor? Continue reading Changing How CFI’s Log Student Flights

Auto Create Flights with FlightAware

Pilot Partner is excited to announce our integration with FlightAware to automatically create flights in your Electronic Pilot Logbook.    We will even grab a screenshot of the FlightAware tracking map and attach it to your Flight’s Image Gallery.

Automatically Imported from FlightAware into Pilot Partner

Pilot Partner has consumed the FlightAware’s API to read the flights of those tail numbers that you wish to subscribe to.  With this integration your flights will show if one of the two conditions have been met:

  1. You fly on an IFR Flight Plan
  2. Your aircraft is ADS-B Out Equipped

Continue reading Auto Create Flights with FlightAware

Sunday’s interesting private airport of the day….74TE


By now you are starting to get the drift that Texas Oil has created a fair number of private airports!   Flat Top Ranch is no exeception.  Owner Louis Beecherl was chairman and chief executive officer of Texas Oil and Gas Corp. in Dallas from 1957 to 1977 and appointed to the UT Board of Regents by then governor Bill Clements.  You can read more about Flat Top ranch (74TE) here.    As depicted by the magenta ring around the air strip I suspect there is a (non-published) instrument approach procedure for 74TE.  As always…landing permission required!