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Converting to an Electronic Logbook

If you are like many pilots, you have a thick paper logbook full of years of flying.   You may have seen many different electronic pilot logbook options available, but feel it won’t work for you.  You just have too many years of flying to worry about entering all of that data into a computer.

Getting started with a pilot eLog is easier than you think.   This guide will break it down into some basic steps: Continue reading Converting to an Electronic Logbook

Starting with Electronic Pilot Logbook

When I first started my private pilot training in 1997, I immediately wanted to track my flights electronically.  Back then it was almost unheard of and very few options were available, so I set out to create the original version of Pilot Partner.  At first it was just a down and dirty database for myself to use, but when my CFI looked at what I had created he suggested that I finish it up and sell it.   Pilot Partner was born.   The original version sold 2,500+ copies between 1997 and 2000.

Pilot Partner Electronic Pilot Logbook Software. 60 Day Free Trial!

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