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Electronic Aircraft Flight Time Records

For Partnerships, Flying Clubs and Flight Schools

In the last 10 years we have seen a transformation of airplane cockpits.  The cockpit is no longer full of Paper Charts, Approach Plates and Airport Directories.  Everything we need to fly has gone electronic.  That is for everything expect for one piece of paper many pilots still deal with everyday:  The Paper Aircraft Dispatch Sheet.

Pilot Partner is now making it possible to track your Aircraft Dispatch Records Electronically as part of their Electronic Pilot Logbook Platform. Continue reading Electronic Aircraft Flight Time Records

Free Aircraft Maintenance Tracker

Pilot Partner has released the Free Aircraft Maintenance Tracker feature inside of it Pilot Logbook application.  This is a great tool for an Aircraft Owner, Flying Club or Flight School to keep track of the Maintenance and Inspection status of their aircraft.   Using the Aircraft Setup wizard you can enter all of the required information to get an accurate status of your aircraft in relation to the required inspections.

And this is a Free to Use for All of your Aircraft!

Through a graphical display, you can see when your Next Annual Inspection is due, how many hours are on your engine and each cylinder plus track any other item you want.  You can even load any reoccurring Airworthiness Directives into the Maintenance Tracker and and never be caught by surprise when something is due.

Get started at:

Continue reading Free Aircraft Maintenance Tracker

Converting to an Electronic Logbook

If you are like many pilots, you have a thick paper logbook full of years of flying.   You may have seen many different electronic pilot logbook options available, but feel it won’t work for you.  You just have too many years of flying to worry about entering all of that data into a computer.

Getting started with a pilot eLog is easier than you think.   This guide will break it down into some basic steps: Continue reading Converting to an Electronic Logbook

Extended Free Trial for CFIs

Pilot Partner is now offering Flight Instructors an extended 6 Month Free Trial of Pilot Partner & the CFI Dashboard.   The normal free Trial is 60 days.

How to Claim Extended Free Trial

areyouacfiWhen you sign up for your free trial of Pilot Partner, you will be asked if you are a Flight Instructor.   If you say yes, you will need to enter your CFI Certificate # and your CFI Expiration date.

This will automatically enable the extended free trial and enable the Pilot Partner CFI Dashboard. Continue reading Extended Free Trial for CFIs

Aviation Training Dashboard

New Way to Track Student Training

The Aviation Training Dashboard is a new way to track a student’s progress through a training program.  Whether it is a Private Pilot or Instrument course, the Training Dashboard makes tracking the skills required simple and easy.

You can even create your own custom training program or use this dashboard to track any progress you want. Continue reading Aviation Training Dashboard